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 Luxury. Authenticity. Value. Buying from Goldaevo Jewelry is a luxurious and rewarding experience. Because of our big experience in selecting of best gems around the world, we find ourselves in the unique position of providing beautiful, luxury jewelry at a value you won’t find elsewhere.

 Goldaevo Jewelry is a New York based jewelry company that offers you the opportunity to buy directly from our jewelry workshop where our jewelry is made. All jewelry are designed, hand – crafted and GIA certified in New York. There are no middlemen, no wholesalers or any third party involved. We have direct access to the global loose diamond and colored stones market enabling us to offer you huge savings in comparison to high street jewelers. We don’t have high overheads associated with a jewelry retail shop and hence are able to offer you beautiful handcrafted and high quality diamond jewelry at prices that are of unbeatable value. On average, our products are 50% less than the high street. Our aim is quite simple; to help you get the best value for your budget.

 Jewelers at Goldaevo have dedicated their lives to creating beautiful and exquisite diamond/colored gemstones jewelry. The beauty and uncompromising quality of every piece of jewelry in the Goldaevo collection have come to define luxury and elegance. Artisans spend countless hours designing breathtaking timepieces. World-leading craftsmen specialized in sculptural goldsmithing, gem setting and hand engraving use the highest level of perfection to elevate the beauty of every Goldaevo masterpiece into a timeless work of art. 


jewelers at work goldaevo jewelry


Meet Roman Nysh, a Founder and President of Goldaevo jewelry . Roman has twelve years of experience in the jewelry industry is a AIGS certified gemologist. Roman's love affair with colored gemstones began as a manufacturer but evolved rather quickly into the jewelry business. Roman’s passion for culture and traveling the world drew him into what later became the family business – Goldaevo Jewelry. In 2011, when Roman graduated from AIGS (The Asian Institute of Gemological Sciences) in Bangkok, he started to dig into the colored gems market to better understand how to source the best deals for the most precious gems. Ever since then, Roman travel the world, sourcing irresistible colored stones for Goldaevo Jewelry collections.



The self-made gemstone expert, has spent years personally cherry-picking his extensive collection of important large Sapphires, Emeralds, Rubies, Tanzanites and Tourmalines Paraiba. And while Roman has made his mark in delivering breathtaking designs distinguished by unspeakably rare gemstones, Roman’s true goals revolve around creating a connection with all his customers. As Founder and President of Goldaevo Jewelry., Roman Nysh aims to change the way people purchase colored gemstones by creating bespoke memorable experiences while providing value in a relaxed and enjoyable setting. 


Roman says:

 “I hunt rare gems and design for a woman who favor timeless statement pieces over disposable, only temporarily “hot” ones. She is confident in her own sense of style, doesn’t follow “mainstream” fashion, and knows what she loves the moment she sees it. She expects to love her pieces in 10 years as much as she does on that first day. I believe that the “classics” we create for today’s collectors will be valued by future generations. Handcrafted entirely in New York City masterpieces are designed to be worn, not stored. It is meant for effortless elegance and easy casual wear. Precious stones may be worn every day, their natural energy and brightness can make you happy every time it is caught by your eyes… ”