How to determine if the tanzanite is synthetic?

How to determine if the tanzanite is synthetic?

Determining if a tanzanite is synthetic (lab-created) or natural (mined) can be challenging, but there are several indicators you can consider to help you make an informed judgment:

  1. Seller disclosure: Reputable jewelers and sellers are obligated to disclose whether a tanzanite is natural or synthetic. Always ask the seller about the origin of the tanzanite and if it is lab-created or mined. They should provide you with accurate information.

  2. Price: Synthetic tanzanite is generally significantly less expensive than natural tanzanite. If the price seems unusually low or too good to be true for the size and quality of the tanzanite, it could be an indication that it is synthetic. However, it's important to note that prices can vary, and other factors such as clarity, color, and carat weight should be considered alongside the price.

  3. Expert gemological examination: A certified gemologist can examine the tanzanite using specialized equipment to identify any synthetic characteristics. Gemological laboratories can conduct thorough testing to determine if the tanzanite is natural or synthetic. They can use techniques like microscopic examination, spectroscopy, and other advanced methods to make a definitive determination.

  4. Inclusions: Natural tanzanite often has inclusions, while synthetic tanzanite is typically inclusion-free. If the tanzanite appears flawless or lacks any visible inclusions under magnification, it could indicate that it is synthetic. However, it's important to note that some natural tanzanite can have very few or inconspicuous inclusions.

  5. Growth patterns: Synthetic tanzanite may exhibit growth patterns or characteristics that are not typically found in natural tanzanite. These growth patterns can be identified under magnification or by an experienced gemologist.

It is crucial to rely on the expertise of a qualified gemologist or a reputable gemological laboratory to obtain a definitive identification of a tanzanite's origin. They have the knowledge, experience, and equipment necessary to accurately determine if the stone is natural or synthetic.

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