How to spot fake tanzanite?

How to spot fake tanzanite?

Spotting fake tanzanite can be challenging, as it requires careful examination and consideration of various factors. Here are some tips to help you identify potential signs of fake tanzanite:

  1. Color inconsistency: Tanzanite is known for its distinct blue-violet color. If a tanzanite exhibits an unrealistic or inconsistent color that doesn't resemble the typical blue-violet hues, it could be an indication of a fake stone.

  2. Uniform color: Natural tanzanite often displays color zoning, which means that different areas of the stone may have variations in color intensity or saturation. If the tanzanite appears to have a perfectly uniform color throughout the entire stone, it might be a synthetic or lab-created imitation.

  3. Lack of pleochroism: Natural tanzanite exhibits pleochroism, meaning it displays different colors when viewed from different angles. You should observe shades of blue and violet when rotating a genuine tanzanite. If the stone shows a single color without any color shifts, it could be a fake.

  4. Unusually large sizes: Synthetic tanzanite can be created in larger sizes more easily and affordably than natural tanzanite. If you encounter an unusually large tanzanite that seems too good to be true, it may be synthetic.

  5. Clarity: Natural tanzanite often contains inclusions, which are natural internal imperfections. If a tanzanite appears to be completely flawless or has an exceptionally high clarity level, it might be a fake or synthetic stone.

  6. Price: If the price of the tanzanite seems too low compared to market prices for genuine tanzanite of similar quality, it should raise suspicions. Unrealistically low prices can indicate the possibility of a fake or synthetic stone.

  7. Seller reputation: Purchase tanzanite from reputable and trustworthy sellers who have a track record of selling genuine gemstones. Research the seller's reputation and look for any customer reviews or feedback that may indicate their trustworthiness.

Remember that the most reliable method to determine the authenticity of tanzanite is through professional gemological testing by a certified gemologist or a reputable gemological laboratory. They can perform thorough tests, such as microscopic examination, spectroscopy, and other advanced analyses, to provide an accurate identification of the stone.

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