What famous sapphires are there?

What famous sapphires are there?

There are several famous sapphires that have gained recognition and captivated the world with their beauty and historical significance. Here are a few examples of famous sapphires:

  1. Star of India: The Star of India is one of the largest and most famous star sapphires in the world. It weighs 563.35 carats and exhibits a well-defined star phenomenon. It is currently housed at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City.
  2. Logan Sapphire: The Logan Sapphire is a remarkable blue sapphire weighing 423 carats. It is one of the largest faceted blue sapphires in existence and is known for its rich, deep blue color. The Logan Sapphire is part of the Smithsonian's National Gem Collection.
  3. Stuart Sapphire: The Stuart Sapphire is a historic sapphire that has been passed down through generations of British monarchs. It is set in the Imperial State Crown and is one of the oldest and most significant gemstones in the British Crown Jewels.
  4. Blue Belle of Asia: The Blue Belle of Asia is a magnificent sapphire weighing 392.52 carats. It is renowned for its exceptional size, vibrant blue color, and remarkable clarity. The Blue Belle of Asia was sold at auction in 2014 for a record-breaking price.
  5. Rockefeller Sapphire: The Rockefeller Sapphire is an impressive blue sapphire weighing 62.02 carats. It was formerly owned by the renowned Rockefeller family and was often worn by several family members. The Rockefeller Sapphire was sold at auction in 2001.
  6. Queen Marie of Romania's Sapphire: This sapphire is a stunning blue gemstone that once belonged to Queen Marie of Romania. It weighs 478 carats and is known for its intense color and historical significance.

These famous sapphires have captured the attention of gem enthusiasts, historians, and the general public due to their remarkable size, color, and historical connections. They serve as testament to the allure and enduring appeal of sapphires throughout history.

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