What is the best color of Tsavorites?

What is the best color of Tsavorites?


The best color of tsavorite is subjective and can vary depending on personal preferences and market trends. However, there are certain qualities that are generally desirable in tsavorite color:


Intensity: The color of tsavorite should be vibrant and intense. The most valuable tsavorites have a vivid and saturated green hue. Gems with a rich, pure green color are highly sought after.

  1. Hue: Tsavorite should display a natural and pleasing green hue. The ideal color is often described as a grass green to emerald green. It should not have any noticeable overtones of yellow or blue, but rather a true green color.

  2. Tone and Saturation: Tsavorites come in a range of tones, from light to dark. The best tsavorites have a balanced tone that is neither too light nor too dark. They should have good saturation, meaning the color should be rich and pure without appearing dull or washed out.

  3. Clarity: While color is the most important factor in tsavorite's value, clarity also plays a role. Higher-quality tsavorites are relatively free from visible inclusions or flaws that can detract from the beauty and brilliance of the gemstone.

It's worth noting that individual preferences can vary, and some people may have a preference for lighter or darker shades of tsavorite. Ultimately, the "best" color of tsavorite is a matter of personal taste, and what is considered valuable can also depend on current market trends and demand.

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