What is the most valuable color of sapphire?

What is the most valuable color of sapphire?

The most valuable color of sapphire is typically a rich, vibrant blue, often referred to as "cornflower blue." This intense blue color with strong saturation and a velvety appearance is highly sought after in the market and commands premium prices. The finest blue sapphires exhibit a medium to medium-dark tone with vivid saturation, without being too dark or too light.

In addition to the traditional blue sapphires, certain fancy-colored sapphires can also be highly valuable. Pink sapphires, especially those with a vivid and intense pink hue, can command high prices. Another valuable fancy-colored sapphire is the "padparadscha" sapphire, which displays a unique pink-orange or salmon color.

The value of sapphires is influenced by factors such as color, clarity, size, origin, and overall quality. Rarity, demand, and market trends also play a role in determining the value of sapphires. While blue sapphires are generally considered the most valuable, the rarity and exceptional qualities of specific colors can affect their worth in the market.

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