What Paraiba tourmaline are considered most valuable?

What Paraiba tourmaline are considered most valuable?

The most valuable Paraiba tourmalines possess certain characteristics that contribute to their high worth and desirability. Here are the key factors that determine the value of a Paraiba tourmaline:

  1. Intense and Vibrant Color: The most valuable Paraiba tourmalines exhibit an intense and vibrant color. The gemstones are prized for their neon-like blue and greenish-blue hues. The color should be saturated, vivid, and captivating, displaying the characteristic glow that Paraiba tourmalines are known for.

  2. Exceptional Clarity: Paraiba tourmalines with high clarity and minimal visible inclusions are highly valued. Gemstones with better transparency and fewer flaws allow light to pass through more freely, enhancing their brilliance and overall beauty.

  3. Significant Size: Larger Paraiba tourmalines tend to command higher prices, especially when they possess exceptional color and clarity. The combination of a larger carat size with other desirable qualities makes such specimens rare and sought after by collectors and gemstone enthusiasts.

  4. Origin: Paraiba tourmalines sourced from the original Paraiba region in Brazil are generally considered more valuable due to their historical significance and reputation for producing the finest specimens. However, Paraiba tourmalines from Mozambique and Nigeria can also exhibit similar color and quality and are highly regarded in the market.

  5. Natural and Untreated: Paraiba tourmalines that are natural and untreated hold higher value. Gemstones that have not undergone any artificial treatments or enhancements retain their authenticity and are highly prized by collectors and those seeking natural gemstones.

It's important to note that the value of Paraiba tourmalines can vary significantly based on individual characteristics, market demand, and other factors such as the specific combination of color, clarity, and size. Consulting with reputable jewelers or gemstone experts who specialize in Paraiba tourmalines can provide further insights into the current market trends and assist in assessing the value of specific Paraiba tourmaline specimens.

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